Trying to recreate a guessing game using Shiny - how to loop through user input in shiny

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I have a guessing game that I coded in R. Basically, I have a dataframe with all the states and their capitals. I wrote an R code that displays a random capital and asks user to guess the state. It maintains a count if the user is correct, stops the game at first wrong answer and displays the final count of correct answer. Here is the R code:

count = 0
while (userstate==dataframe_state)
  randnum =, 1)
  x = type.convert(randnum,'integer')
  y = df[x,"capital"]
  userstate = readline("which state does this belong to:")
  dataframe_state = df[x,"state"]
  count = count+1

paste0("Your Score is:",count)

I want to replicate this in Shiny but am having trouble wrapping my head around how do I loop through the user inputs in Shiny. Also, overall what is the best way to replicate the guessing game in Shiny

All ideas are welcome. I am new to the tool.


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