Trying to read Data Frame from Rcpp. Need help.

Read DataFrame from R in RCPP

Requirements -

I would like to read data Frame from R to RCpp and later do processing as existing data Frame from R is Huge & to avoid lot execution time. I come across Rcpp::DataFrame::create function but not sure how we can read existing Dataframe from R and call within Rcpp.

Do we have any function in RCPP as Rcpp::DataFrame::Read?

Thank you for you suggetion.

Here is a link - Rcpp ยท Advanced R.
This doesnt demonstrate Dataframe but it does demonstrate List, and data.frames in R are special case of List, so I think it analogises well.

Side note - this is an area where using a tool such as chatGPT / or Bing etc, can generate good quality straightforward rcpp code. if one were to compose the R code and ask for the RCPP translation, its typically very good at that.

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