Trying to make a simple vctrs object and a test vector


I've been trying to build a simple test vector (reprex below).

What I'm struggling to understand is that if I want a vector of the same object type (or in particular a named vector of toy_vector), this doesn't seem to work. If I call new_toy_vector once but provide parameters with length two (ie. new_toy_vector(c("Hello", "World"), c("Test", "Test2")) that would work fine, but would make illegible code for the vector I'm trying to create.

Could anyone guide me where I'm going wrong?

new_toy_vector <- function(
  x = character(),
  descriptor = character()) {
  vctrs::vec_assert(descriptor, character())

                  descriptor = descriptor,
                  class = "toy_vector")

setOldClass(c("toy_vector", "vctrs_vctr"))

format.toy_vector <- function(x, ...) {
  paste0(vctrs::vec_data(x)," is ", attr(x, "descriptor"))

obj_print_data.toy_vector <- function(x) {
  cat(format(x), sep = "\n")

c(new_toy_vector("Hello", "Foo"), new_toy_vector("World", "Bar"))
#> Error: No common type for `..1` <toy_vector> and `..2` <toy_vector>.

Created on 2020-04-26 by the reprex package (v0.3.0)

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