Trying to install Shiny on an computer which is not connected to the internet

Hi There,

Apologies if this is a dumb question; but I am trying to install Shiny on to a version of R studio which is not connected to the internet. The lovely system administrators have downloaded the entire package repository on CRAN and dumped all of the zip files on to the server, but am struggling to get things running.

Thank you in advance and I am currently wishing I stumbled across this forum 3 months ago...

Hi, yes, in your RStudio IDE you can go to Tools > Install Packages, that opens the Install Packages form. In the form, open the dropdown Install from:, and select *Package Archive File (.zip, .tar.gz)`, in the navigator that opens you can go to where the zip files are located. Hope this helps.

Hi Edgar, Sorry for not replying sooner, things have been a little manic here. I tried that, but nothing happens. I managed to get it to work with install.packages(file.choose(), repo = NULL, type = "source"), from a little googling I found that R 3.4.0 can be a little temperamental when not pulling things from a CRAN mirror, so have managed to find the installation files for R 3.0 and things seem to be working. In your experience is it worth setting up a miniCRAN?