Trying to find diffusion coefficient, need advice on coding concept

Hi Rstudio community,

I am still fairly new to R and would love some advice on developing a line of code to help calculate the diffusion coefficient given that I have x, y, and t coordinates. This is more of a conceptual question rather than a full on coding question. I appreciate any help, thank you!

This is my currently work flow

  1. Calculate displacement and append to data frame
  2. Aggregating / grouping displacement based on an identifier and averaging the values
  3. Calculate the mean squared displacement by squaring the mean displacement
  4. Repeat mean squared displacement calculation for steps in t (t = 2, t = 3 ... corresponding to skipping over every other or every third row)
  5. Average all MSD in each group of T (Average MSD1 in T1, ... MSD# in T#)
  6. Plotting the averaged MSD against T
  7. Performing a linear least squared regression to get the coefficients

I am unsure if I am working in the right direction or is completely off track.


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