trying to find cohens d with ISR package


I am trying to get the cohens d with ISR package. My uni lecturer put

cohensD(formula = STAI_pre ~ condition, data = moral)

But that is not working for me.
what is wrong with the code or how else can i get cohens d?

What happens when you run that code? Are you getting an error?

it was telling me that cohensD wasnt a function.
I solved my problem though. I watched a youtube video on the package effsize and i am using that. Its a different route to what my uni lecturer did but its giving the same result.

The package your instructor is using is lsr, where the first letter is a lowercase L. This is an abbreviation of Learning Statistics with R, which is a book by Danielle Navarro. The package you want is not ISR with an uppercase i.

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