Trying to configure git in RStudio in windows 7

I have git installed and RStudio pointing to its installation location. the git config --global command seems to work in git bash but not in RStudio.

I'd suggest working through this guide.

Coincidentally, I taught an R + git lesson many years ago and covered hooking up RStudio with git and github using Windows. Here's a recording of that lesson, perhaps you'll find some value from it.


That looks like RStudio can't find Git. What path to the executable did you enter in your Global Option > Git/SVN? For example, mine looks something like C:/Program Files (x86)/Git/mingw64/bin/git.exe.

There is a particularly helpful section in the Happy Git and GitHub for the useR guide about this: Section 14.3

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it actually needed: mingw32 or mingw64 in the path.

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Great! Mine works both with mingw64 in the path and without (C:/Program Files (x86)/Git/bin/git.exe). I have it set with mingw64 in the path but then changed it to a path without to better match the chapter I sent you to. :smiley: It worked for me both ways, but will change back to the original in my other post so it is more clear.

thanks. catch you next time.

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