Trying to Change email address

Is there a sys ad link somewhere on the page. I keep trying to change my e-mail address and it will not complete. I change it in profile but never get an e-mail to confirm with the new address will follow-on instructions. My old e-mail was hacked so I hope they are not sending it to that address. The account is closed.

Thanks for pinging us about this. Last week has a minor update, and emails were down for several hours. It now appears to be the case that emails were down for nearly a week. (:sweat_smile:)

Emails should be working now. Could you retry updating your email?
If not, please send me a direct message (@economicurtis) with details, and I'll get your sorted quickly.

Look like it is back and sending out changes. I had about 5 in the queue. THanks for the help!


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