Trying Posit Connect in local Minikube


I want to try Posit Connect in a local Minikube (1.30.1) installation on MacOS (13.4) with Docker (Engine version 24.0.2). I use the helm chart and tried the values.yaml from here: helm/examples/connect/standalone at main · rstudio/helm · GitHub.

My problem is that the pod doesn't come up and in the container logs I see the following message:

  • RSC_LICENSE_FILE_PATH=/etc/rstudio-connect/license.lic
  • '[' -z THIS-IS-THE-LICENSE ']'
  • /opt/rstudio-connect/bin/license-manager activate THIS-IS-THE-LICENSE
    {"result":1,"action":"validating product key","message":"Licensing operation failed."}

I found in the docs that it should come with a 45 day trial licence. But I wonder how I can use this trial licence? Do I need to configure something special, or do I simply need to talk to Posit Support to get a trial key that I need to configure in the container?

Any tipps on that?

Thank you and kind regards,

Hi Julian,

the 45 day trial license works only when you install the software on a new machine, not within a docker container. There you will always need a trial key that you can get from sales, c.f. Try Posit Connect for Free.