Trying logreg model results in error

I am doing Employee churn prediction, and this error comes up when I try my model on current employees, any thoughts?
I imported the file from excel, had no trouble whatsoever while I was training my model. I am using logistic regression.
I am fairly new to R, so any discussion would be helpful.

mp_risk <- emp_final %>%
      filter(status == "no") %>%
Error: Only strings can be converted to symbols
Call `rlang::last_error()` to see a backtrace
> this is backtrace
  1. dplyr::filter(., status == "no")
  9. tidypredict::tidypredict_to_column(., final_model)
 11. tidypredict:::tidypredict_fit.glm(model)
 12. tidypredict:::build_fit_formula(parsedmodel)
 13. purrr::map(...)
 14. tidypredict:::.f(.x[[i]], ...)
 15. purrr::map(...)
 16. tidypredict:::.f(.x[[i]], ...)
 19. rlang::sym(.x$col)
Call `rlang::last_trace()` to see the full backtrace
> last_trace()
  1. \-emp_final %>% filter(status == "no") %>% tidypredict_to_column(final_model)
  2.   +-base::withVisible(eval(quote(`_fseq`(`_lhs`)), env, env))
  3.   \-base::eval(quote(`_fseq`(`_lhs`)), env, env)
  4.     \-base::eval(quote(`_fseq`(`_lhs`)), env, env)
  5.       \-`_fseq`(`_lhs`)
  6.         \-magrittr::freduce(value, `_function_list`)
  7.           +-base::withVisible(function_list[[k]](value))
  8.           \-function_list[[k]](value)
  9.             \-tidypredict::tidypredict_to_column(., final_model)
 10.               +-tidypredict::tidypredict_fit(model)
 11.               \-tidypredict:::tidypredict_fit.glm(model)
 12.                 \-tidypredict:::build_fit_formula(parsedmodel)
 13.                   \-purrr::map(...)
 14.                     \-tidypredict:::.f(.x[[i]], ...)
 15.                       \-purrr::map(...)
 16.                         \-tidypredict:::.f(.x[[i]], ...)
 17.                           +-rlang::expr(ifelse(!!sym(.x$col) == !!.x$val, 1, 0))
 18.                           | \-rlang::enexpr(expr)
 19.                           \-rlang::sym(.x$col)

Can you please provide a minimal reprex (reproducible example)? The goal of a reprex is to make it as easy as possible for me to recreate your problem so that I can fix it: please help me help you!

If you've never heard of a reprex before, start by reading "What is a reprex", and follow the advice further down that page.

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