Truncate #comments in r markdown

I am trying to truncate one of my comments in R markdown so that the text does not go off the page but can't seem to figure it out? Please can you help?

I want the whole comment to say ' ## Filtered data to exclude all aggregate categories, and making sure "age-group" appears in the right ' but it cuts off after the word 'right'

This also happens when I am writing code. Sometimes if it is too long, it goes off the page?

Please can you help?

Many Thanks!

Please show us the code or text in context:
e.g. the whole Rmd-file enclosed by for backticks ```` .
Of course leave out everything that you think is not relevant to the problem.

knitr has option to help reformat R code when rendering. See

That would be the best way to do it I guess.

You could also reformat your source code the same way (mutiline comment respecting a fix width for example).

Anyway, having an example would help know exactly your issue

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