Troubleshooting Kubernetes ingress

starting out with Kubernetes and have what I think are some fairly basic questions. I know there are a number of resources out there about how Kubernetes ingress works and presents underlying services, but I am at the level where I need some input specific to what I am looking at as I'm finding it difficult filtering out what I don't need to know from what I do.I am running this in Minikube on Windows 10 and have the ingress addon enabled. I can drop in to a bash shell on the default container within the nginx ingress controller pod and do a netcat to both the service and endpoint's respective IPs on TCP 8080, but the ingress controller's logs (shown using kubectl logs -n ingress-nginx ingress-pod-name) say that the "Service does not have any active Endpoint". If I chuck in a hosts file entry on my machine pointing at the ingress resource's address (kubectl get ingress) I get no response when hitting

This is not directly related to R or data science. While it is possible that people here working on DevOps for data science might be able to help, I think you would have better luck by asking this on a Kubernetes related forum.

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