Troubleshoot RStudio connection to corporate databases

I am using a desktop version of RStudio. My colleagues are very excited by visuals and narratives that I can create in RStudio, but our database admins are not very interested in supporting RStudio. They only support PyCharm.

I have managed to create a package that connects RStudio to Vertica through RJDBC, but we also have a lot of data in AWS, Redshift, and Athena. I have tried using the available online resources but have not been able to connect RStudio to Redshift and Athena. We can connect PyCharm to all our databases, but I am wondering if there is there any kind of paid service that can help trouble shoot connections to corporate databases?

RStudio maintains a set of ODBC drivers as part of our professional products, described here:

And RStudio does indeed provide a dedicated support team for its professional products. Does this seem like the right fit, or are you specifically looking for support with the existing set of open-source drivers you're using?

Thank you Kevin, what is the difference between a professional and open-source driver?

By open source drivers, I mean whatever drivers might be available as open source -- for example, links to an open-source ODBC driver for SQLite databases.

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