Troubles with using pin_find() to collect all published pins

Looking for a little help with the pin_find() function. I'd like to retrieve a list of all published pins on our rsconnect board but the function does not return all of the content on the board like I would expect.

For context, I have administrator privileges and 20 published pins.

Using pin_find("*", board = "rsconnect") populates the Connections tab in the IDE with only 25 entries, and includes only 4 of my 20 published pins.

Using pin_find("", board = "rsconnect") (no asterisk wildcard) outputs a tibble to the console with the same 25 entries.

pin_find("katie", board = "rsconnect") does give the expected output of all of my pins.

Is there a different way to accurately identify all pins on a board?

The behavior of pin_find() is left to be decided by each board, so pins does enforce any particular behavior to each board aside from helping users find content in their board.

For RStudio Connect specifically, I believe pin_find() does not support regular expressions, which would explain why pin_find("*") does not retrieve the expected results. pin_find("") does as this is a similar command than what the connections pane performs.

Please notice that only the pins that the user has access to are displayed when using pin_find(). This should match what the user can search in the RStudio Connect web UI.

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Is there a way of getting all the pins - not only 25 - with pin_find("", board = "rsconnect")?

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