Troubles with simple bigrquery in an EU dataset

Update for this question :
I saw the error was on my side in the project/dataset settings for the query.
So now it works greats !!!
Sorry for disturbance

Hello all,

I'm really sorry for disturbing here but I'm facing a problem while trying to use bigrquery.

I have to execute a simple SQL query bigrquery but my dataset is in location = "EU"
(it's mandatory I can't avoid this point)

#> get my token
token <- gargle::credentials_service_account(path = "~/path_to_account_service_jsonfile.json")

#> create connection
bq_conn <- dbConnect(
  project = "my-project",
  dataset = "my-dataset",
  billing = "my-project",
  location = "EU"
# execute the query
df_result <- dbGetQuery(bq_conn, "SELECT * FROM")

And it returns me the following error :

Error in bq_job_wait():
! Job 'my-project.job_yjdvz0knNtwsRkMXZOx3LR0MPXxU.US' failed
:heavy_multiplication_x: Not found: Dataset my-project:my-dataset was not found in location US [notFound]

Which is not a surprise as my dataset is located "EU".
So, now, I don't know how to use the location argument.

As I don't doubt there are "EU people" working with this package, if anyone had any idea, I would be very happy to read from her/him.

Best regards,

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