Troubles for installing packages from CRAN url


I have troubles in order to install packages from CRAN. In fact that the programa can't access to CRAN's url. I proved:

  • Diselect option: use secure download method for HTTP
  • Diselect option: use Internet Explorer library/proxy for HTTP
    Moreover, I also proved the Code:
  • repos= http://cran.restudio...
  • Install shiny...
    The troubles keep...

I also say I work from remoto computer and i don't know If It makes me not to use the program...

So, somebody can give me any other solution...

Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you show the complete console output you get when you try to install a package?

This isn't very clear, can you clarify what you mean?

The console output said:
Warning in install.packages :
unable to access index for repository
cannot open URL ''

I want to say I always work online from remote computer through VPN. Maybe, it can affect me when i work with R estudio.

Yes, when connected to a VPN, traffic might pass trough a corporate firewall or proxy server.

If the connectivity restrictions comes from a firewall, then you would need to ask your IT department to white list the CRAN domain.

If the problem comes from a proxy server, maybe setting your proxy credentials could solve the problem.

Thank you very much!. I will talk with my IT department. Nice to meet you!!

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