Trouble with the RStudio Connect QuickStart?

Thanks, Cole.

Here's the screenshot and the RPM (RStudio Package Manager) solution for the RPM-to-IDE installation issue. The IDE-to-Connect publishing issue is still unsolved, though, and the screenshot attached in my follow-up post (newbies are limited to 1 image per post) shows that the services appear to be running. The problem with using the QuickStart RPM on localhost was that since the "use secure download method for HTTP" box was not unchecked by default, packages could only be installed via https. Since the QuickStart RPM uses http, I unchecked the box in Tools -> Global Options -> Packages. Unless I am misunderstanding, it might be a good idea to uncheck the box by default in the QuickStart VirtualBox image, so that RPM-to-IDE installation works entirely within QuickStart, right out of the box. (And maybe even use the RPM URL in the primary or secondary package repository box, to really show how RPM can be used?)

RPM-to-IDE installation issue and solution result:

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