Trouble with summary output from quantile regressions, no p value?

I am using quantile regressions to determine the change in reef fish biomass from 2006 to 2021 in 4 different islands. I cannot use linear regressions, so I am using quantreg ( quantile = 0.5) or the median. There are clear declines in all 4 islands, but I want to know if the each island has a significant decline over time or not, then I want to compare the rates of decrease of the islands. I am following this YouTube video for advice, but she is getting a t and p value when she runs summary(qt) and I do not. Please see the following screenshots.

Her code (I am following as example):

quantreg50 <- rq(Y ~ X, data=mydata, tau=0.25)

My code:

qrRoatan <- rq(Total.avg ~ Year, data = Roatan.only, tau = 0.5)

We should get the same output no?

She gets coefficients, value, std error, t value and p value.

I get coefficients, lower bd and upper bd, intercept only. How should I know if my declines are significant without p value?

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