Trouble with dynamic data query when hosted on

Hi everyone,

I'm developing a data visualization app for time series data, and I'd like the app to retrieve and display the latest data when the user opens the application. The package is set to rebuild once a day at ~3 pm EST, so I wrote a function to query the data recorded after the build time.

My method is to nest the function inside a server function that queries the database and adds it to the data set to be displayed by a dygraph. The function successfully grabs the data :heavy_check_mark: and adds it to the data frame to be displayed :heavy_check_mark:, but the plot doesn't actually update with the new data when the app is live on

I know the function is successfully querying and binding the new data because it's set to print out to the logs. However, it's just not appearing in the figure. It's difficult to include a reproducible example of this but if you clone the staging branch, build the package, and then run:

pkgload::load_all(export_all = T,helpers = FALSE,attach_testthat = FALSE)
options( "" = F)
vcrshiny::run_app() # add parameters here (if any)

you will see that the method displays the queried data locally, but this doesn't translate onto shinyapps. io for some reason. I'm happy to provide more context, but I'm wondering if there's something specific about the dygraph-shinyapps. io relationship that doesn't allow for this type of functionality.

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I think I know what's happening here and it's not related to shinyapps. io. I think my date range selecting function is just cutting off the data in the wrong spot. Dumb mistake! Will leave this up until I sort it out.

That solved it! Hopefully no one spent too much time on this. Thanks anyways

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