Trouble using extract_parameter_set_dials() in Tidy Models with R

I am looking at the Tidymodels with R resource and under model tuning, I am having trouble using the extract_parameter_set_dials() function from the dials package. Attempted to get the tune params for the ames recipe, but got an error saying

> extract_parameter_set_dials(ames_rec)
Error in UseMethod("tune_args") : 
  no applicable method for 'tune_args' applied to an object of class "recipe"

Greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!

This is a temporary bug. If you can install the GitHub version of tune, it will go away.

We changes some things in recipes that the new tune will solve and only expected there to be a gap of a few days with the issue. The problem is that CRAN is not processing my submissions (no idea why; maybe backed up) so the gap is longer than intended.


Ah, thanks. Good to know. Good luck with CRAN!

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