Trouble uploading image in bookdown

I am trying to make a bookdown with some images, and I can see the image in the Rstudio.
But when I click the build book button, and there's no image in the page.

I can't figure what the problem is. Please help!
Thank you.

Avoid using absolute path from your hard drive path when you are working on web content.
This will definitely not work if you send your bookdown output to someone else because

  • You would probably not send the images that are not in your project folder
  • The other user would need to place the image in the same path on is computer.
  • This would not work at all if you were to publish your report (on a server)

Absolute path can work is you set them from the root site or your publish your image online and they can be accessible from a url.

Prefer to use relative path:

  • Move the image in a folder in your project
  • Use this path to include the image.

Hope it helps

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