Trouble setting values in form

I am trying to fill out a form asssociated with a url. The depth of the form seems to make is problematic.

The specific parts that I'm trying to fill out are: ctl00$cplMain$ddSearchOper and ctl00$cplMain$txtSearchString . I either can't get the set to recognize them or I can't get the equality to work.

Any help would be appreciated.

html <- read_html("")
frm <- html_form(html)[[1]]
frm |> str()

vals <- list(ddSearchOpe= "AT LEAST", txtSearchString = "01/01/2010")
ser <- frm |> html_form_set(!!!vals)
resp <- html_form_submit(ser)

It works manually for dates later than this. I tested with "2023-01-01"

I appreciate that. Unfortunately I’ve been asked to automate the process.

Start with a date known to work manually?

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