Trouble opening my R project Help


I was working on my R studio project an hour ago
I can't seem to open the file again. The page is stuck on a loading screen forever.
A bit of context, I was running a biplot() function on a large set of data and the page froze. I close it and tried to reopen it but it got stuck on the loading screen.

Please help.

Best, Erik

I just opened it. It did take ~a minute to load, but it loaded eventually.

I could open it too.
Probably your web connection or bandwidth

Best wishes,

Hi Mara,

Thanks for checking on the project. The page is still stuck on the loading screen for my account. I am guessing the project has locked only on my account and is still trying to run the code. I'll keep the project open and see if anything changes, but so far it's been 20 minutes with no response.

Could you or anyone else who reads this post, and can access the Temporary view of the project, export the "hw6-wo-solution.Rmd" file for me and upload it to this post? I really need that code for homework. Please and thank you in advance. And thank you Mara for seeing this post.

Also, if anyone ever has problems with their project locking up/ non-stop running in future Rstudio cloud projects. DO NOT close the page out of the project, otherwise you'll get the perpetual loading screen re-opining. Go to the Sessions tab at the top and click "Terminate R". It will delete all your variables in the Global Environment, but its better than being locked out of your project indefinitely.

Best, Erik

RE: Thanks for checking too Paul. If possible could you upload a copy of the Rmd file I need?

I saved a copy here: Posit Cloud, which you should be able to access. Please save a permanent copy for yourself as well, so that I can delete it at some point.

I also changed two options in Global Preferences:

1. I turned off/unchecked the "Restore .RData into workspace on startup"
2. I set save workspace to .RData on exit to Never

In addition to it fostering good practice in terms of saving your scripts/projects (see the What is real? section in R for Data Science), it means RStudio won't be trying to restore something on startup (it's possible I'm wrong, and that there's something special about the cloud configuration, but that's how it works in the desktop IDE). Hopefully this will help you avoid a time lag in the future.

Edit: I also selected "Quit child processes on exit" in the Project Options for the same reasons.


Hi Mara,

You have been such a huge help recovering my project. I made a new project for my homework and edited my global settings as you instructed. Thank you so much again, you saved my homework and course grades.

Edit: The copy file can be deleted too.

Much appreciation,


Glad to hear it, Erik!