Trouble installing diplyr

I recently downloaded R and Rstudio, and am trying to install tidyverse. This error keeps coming up, and when I try to install diplyr, it tells me that it is unavailable for this version of Rstudio. I am very new to this, any help would be appreciated!

You have a typo. The package you are most likely looking for is called dplyr, not diplyr.


Awesome. Of course. Thank you!

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New trouble now that I can read/spell...


What your new trouble is? All you are showing is the tidyverse loading correctly

isn't there a conflict with dplyr?

That message is just telling you that both stats and dplyr packages have functions called filter() and lag(), and since dplyr is loaded last is masking the function names of the stats package, so if you just type filter() for example, is going to use dplyr::filter() instead of stats::filter()


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