Trouble installing bayesian_first_aid

I am having trouble installing the package "bayesian_first_aid". I am using Version 1.4.1106 of R studio, which I believe is the most recent one. Here is the error message that I get:

  • installing source package 'BayesianFirstAid' ...
    ** using staged installation
    ** R
    ** inst
    ** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
    Error: (converted from warning) package 'rjags' was built under R version 4.0.5
    Execution halted
    ERROR: lazy loading failed for package 'BayesianFirstAid'
  • removing 'C:/Users/Javai/Documents/R/win-library/4.0/BayesianFirstAid'
    Error: Failed to install 'BayesianFirstAid' from GitHub:
    (converted from warning) installation of package

I will appreciate any help.
Thank you,

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