Trouble finding applicants for Data Science Job

Hello R peeps,

I have a few job openings for a Junior and Intermediate Data Science role in our Costa Rica office.
I was wondering if anyone had a contact in the R Community in Costa Rica that would be interested applying.

Any feedback on the job role and description would be greatly appreciated.
We are getting applicants but the majority to date have been ETL types of roles.
It has been alot harder finding someone with only a few years experience that I was anticipating.

Jarrod Brown

Sorry that I don't have any names to offer, but I can comment on the position description, since closed.

  1. According to LinkedIn, there are 130K open "data scientist" positions. That's bigger than pipeline pushing former intakes into the level of responsibility you're looking for. You have to poach from the competition.
  2. The position describes a sill set on the implementation end of the spectrum, more of a Data Engineer, plus project management, and some mainframe experience would be nice?
  3. With the EDA/ETL model development/validation of the job, you're looking for someone able to handle three jobs while picking up domain expertise in the credit space on the side?
  4. From a career perspective, there are high-value places to get a job in terms of the potential to make the connection leading to career advances and there are places off the mainline. I had a very hard time recruiting finance lawyers from Wall Street to Seattle for just that reason.

It's been a long time since there has been a job seller's market. While it lasts employers are going to have to rethink their strategies.

Good luck.

We were finally were able to fill this position. We expect to have a handful more open up in the next month or two. Thank you all for your help!

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Good luck. It's tough on everyone when the normal demand/supply rules go topsy turvey.

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