Trouble creating and working in rmarkdown in R desktop version

Hello. I am a student in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. I am completing the capstone project and need some help getting started with .rmd files for a report. The Google Certificate teaches how to create and manage a report in Rstudio, but not the desktop version. I used the desktop version of R for my capstone project because the data was too large for Rstudio. Now that I need to make a report, I don't know how to get started. I installed 'rmarkdown' into my R desktop, but after that I am lost.

Do I create a separate file and import it into R desktop?
Or do I take the script I have been working in for the capstone project and add in headers and paragraphs?
Any help would be great. Thanks

Choose the menu item File -> New File -> R Markdown. In the dialog, you should choose Document and the format you want. You will get a document template with a bit of text and a couple of code blocks. You can replace the text and code with your own.

Thanks! I see how to do that in R studio in the cloud. Is that the only way to make a r markdown file or is there another way? I can always try to make do with R studio cloud but I would prefer to work R Studio on my desktop.

The same menu @FJCC mentions works on the desktop version.

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Ah, there's the trouble then. I don't have that sequence of steps available. Maybe its just using different terms?

Here is what I have available on my desktop:
After I hit file, I have
Source R code
New Script
Open Script
Display files
as my options. Are any of those the correct option? I have been through most of them but they just ask me to load up a file that is supposed to be on my pc already.

That's strange. You should see something like

Here is a view of my RStudio after I click File -> New File. I'm using a dark theme, so your colors are probably different.

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Yours is so much more detailed than mine. This is what mine looks like. Did I download a lesser version or something? I am using windows by the way and the image contains all of my options available at the top of the screen.
file menu

You're in the R GUI, not RStudio!!!! :smile:


Wow! I can't believe this. I was working under the impression I was in Rstudio! I just downloaded the actual R Studio, and I see the menu and options you do now. Thank you to both of you so much! I never would have figured this out without some help.

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