Trigger code like .Rmd file to run on Rstudio Connect from another server.

Is there any way I can trigger an .Rmd file to execute or update from another machine. I have a separate system that tells us when this script should run so the scheduling approach does not meet my need.

Thank you for the feedback! We are researching ways to implement more robust and dynamic scheduling in RStudio Connect. A few follow up questions for you:

  1. What is the output of the RMD document? Are you running it for the purpose of a report , an email, or some type of side affect?

  2. How long does the RMD take to render?

  3. Have you considered the option of calling a plumber API? (This probably makes sense only as an alternative if your RMD mostly does side affect work)


  1. The output is a report that should reflect the last data from our system. The system's data is updated daily but at random times throughout the day.
  2. The .RMD, more specifically querying the system can take 10 to 30 minutes.
  3. I could use a plumber API to run the querying part of the code and save the data somewhere, but my .RMD would still not know when the data is updated. An option could be using runtime: shiny so it checks for updated data only when users view the content, but I was hoping to avoid having to always use the shiny framework.

Perfect, this information is very helpful, thank you. This type of scheduling is on our radar to address this year, and we'll keep your use case front and center as we build it.

In the meantime, the other alternative to a shiny app that we've seen as a workaround is to schedule the R Markdown document to re-render frequently, but include a condition in the code that checks for changes and results in a no-op if there aren't any. Certainly less than ideal though.

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