Triangle glyph not showed with JetBrains Mono font


I have installed JetBrains Mono in Ubuntu and I can use it as font in RStudio.
However, when I use the pipe operator the normal characters are displayed instead of the triangle glyph.

Did anyone have the same problem or is there something more than selecting the font I should do to see the glyph?

It works for me! Are you using the most recent version of RStudio?

Yes, Iā€™m using the last version.

Below some screenshots that might help:

I see the problem in your screenshot! The "JetBrains Mono NL" font is a version of JetBrains Mono that has No Ligatures (ligatures are the feature that combines multiple characters into a single glyph). You need to use a version of the font that has ligatures. Try JetBrains Mono Regular?

You are right, it works, thank you!


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