trelliscopejs does not render in posit workbench viewer but does in open source RStudio IDE

In Posit Workbench Viewer after running the basic vignette (in code below) I get an error message "Couldn't load config:" followed by my workbench address and then the following session/trelliscope15dd81643ede24/appfiles/config.jsonp?__loadTrscopeConfig__d3fc1d4c=jsonp_6i0303ku7wxni9s.

I had no issue loading the library and when I run this same code in R studio open source IDE, it runs just fine.

Is there some json config for this package that needs to be done to work in the Posit Workbench viewer?


qplot(year, lifeExp, data = gapminder) +
    xlim(1948, 2011) + ylim(10, 95) + theme_bw() +
    facet_trelliscope(~ country + continent, nrow = 2, ncol = 7, width = 300)

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