trapezoidal rule


I need to integrate this equation (((2^(1/a))ab*(hypergeo(-1/a,(-1+a)/a,2-(1/a),1/2)+((1/(1-p))^(1/a))*(-1+p)*hypergeo(-1/a,(-1+a)/a,2-(1/a),(1-p)/2)))/((-1+a)mp)).

So, I tried to integrate using trapezoidal rule in R using 'pracma' package . but I keep getting an error ''Error in trapz(x, y) :
Arguments 'x', 'y' must be vectors of the same length.'' I have no idea on how to solve this. Please help me.

Here, the 'a','b','m' are the constants (which I already computed earlier) and 'p' is the variable that I want to integrate with respect to. 'p' should be any number between 0 to 1. For this integral, the lower bound is 0, and the upper bound is 1.

  y<-fn(a=2.686628, b=36695.74,p=0.4,m=69556.6)

Hi, have you tried this?

y<-fn(a=2.686628, b=36695.74,p=x,m=69556.6)

That way x and y will have the same length. Also p is the variable you are trying to integrate with respect to, so if you say p=0.4, you are just getting a single value of f(a,b,p,m).

Hi, yes you're right. TQ TQ TQ :slight_smile:

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