Translation integration

As always, copy/paste is viable, but is there any way to integrate translation for individual posts? (Example below)

Because the topic isn't in German, the browser doesn't pick it up.

Counterpoint (yes, I'm arguing with myself), the idea of multilingual discussion threads seems like it could get confusing really quickly.

How about this for a manual (non-scalable) translation?

I could not have written it (much ;)) better myself. Also regarding the cheatsheet -> Markdown thing I have been recently reviewing and am currently using the package again somewhat more myself.

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I don't think mixed language threads will be very helpful (as you said)
In the example above just got confused with the option of e-mail-answering to a thread...

"Wer den Schaden hat, brauch für den Spott nicht zu sorgen" :wink:
(The laugh is always on the loser.)

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Ha! Yeah, I did that as well.

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