Transform .CSV to Token and POS tagging

Hello, im a newbie and im trying to get to work with Rstudio for my final project. i want to do Tokenization and Parts of Speech Tagging with my .CSV data using udpipe package but i still dont know how to import the .csv data and save the result. The udpipe package code in text:

#menentukan working directory
setwd("F:/SKRIPSI/POS TAGGING/udpipe-master")

rm(list = ls())

#vignette("udpipe-tryitout", package = "udpipe")
#vignette("udpipe-annotation", package = "udpipe")
#vignette("udpipe-usecase-postagging-lemmatisation", package = "udpipe")
# An overview of keyword extraction techniques:
#vignette("udpipe-usecase-topicmodelling", package = "udpipe")
#vignette("udpipe-parallel", package = "udpipe")
#vignette("udpipe-train", package = "udpipe")
#vignette("textrank", package = "textrank")


udmodel <- udpipe_download_model(language = "indonesian")

x <- udpipe(x = "aku mau makan ku ingat kamu aku mau tidur juga ku ingat kamu, aku sedang bosan ku ingat kamu oh tuhan mungkin kah ku jatuh cinta",
            object = udmodel)

the .csv data that i want to tokenize and POS Tagging

i hope everyone can help to fix my problem, thank you in advance!

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