Transferring external R-packages to production server


So in my project we have created a (private) R-package which is to be installed on a production server and do some scheduled jobs. The R-package is created and built with a CI-pipeline in DevOps, and then transferred to the server and installed as a .tar.gz-file (probably not an optimal workflow).

So a problem we have is that the IT department does not allow for external packages to be installed from the internet on the production server. So upon installing the package, the code currently crashes, as it cannot install the dependencies.

Therefore, I am looking into methods which allow these packages to be transferred together with the .tar.gz-file in the release-pipeline, and was wondering if anyone has any useful experience with this?

I have been looking into a few alternatives, namely:

  • Renv - creates a package folder, but is it possible to use it with a project that's also an R-package? I am not sure how that would work, and if it would work in this pipeline
  • miniCRAN - Seems to create a local repo, which then surely could be transferred to the server in the release pipeline. Seems like it might solve my problem, but I didn't find a lot of resources online about this tool, and I'm not sure if it's actively maintained.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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