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Transfermarkt Contract Detector Shiny Application

Authors: Ekrem Bayar

Full Description:
Transfermarkt is an online platform that provides statistics such as player and club data, transfer values, contract details, and more for football. This platform is used to track the values of teams and players in the football world, analyze the transfer market, and provide a resource for those interested in football statistics. Transfermarkt allows football enthusiasts to view players' career histories, performance statistics, and future transfer predictions. Additionally, it is used to analyze club budgets and transfer strategies.

The data in this project was collected from Transfermarkt by using the web scraping method. It contains the personal information of each player in the top 5 leagues, such as La Liga - Spain, Premier League - England, Serie A - Italy, Bundesliga - Germany, and Ligue 1 - France. However, I preferred to use two leagues creating this app and those are La Liga - Spain and Premier League - England. There are 1022 players in total in these two leagues. You can find the dataset in the App/data folder.

For instance, you can visit Arda Güler's Transfermarkt Profile to understand better what kind of information Transfermakt has.

Football clubs and fans carefully monitor players' contract expiry dates and use this information to determine transfer strategies and club policies. For this reason, the main purpose of this project is to help "Transfer Planning" and "Financial Planning" to the football clubs and professionals. This app allows users to filter players and create their own watchlists simply and quickly by using an attractive table.

Table Type: interactive-Shiny
Submission Type: Other
Table: TM Contract Detector
Code: GitHub - EkremBayar/2024-Posit-Table-Contest: Transfermarkt Contract Detector Shiny Application
Language: R
Industries: Sports, Football, Soccer.
Packages: reactable, reactablefmtr