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Could you pls let me know if there is a good training course on R studio. I have some basic work experience and i want to get into in clinical trial creating Table, Listings and Figures.
Thank you,

In my two years of experience using R, my first course was at edx, harvard data science, but I had many problems understanding some basic statistical concepts, that was very frustrating.

But I made this course; EDX Data Analysis Essentials, and I could understood many concepts (Z-value, P-Value, Normal Distribution, Modeling and Inference, Decisions trees, Hypothesis testing, and so on). When I finished it, I took again edx, harvard data science, and it wasn´t so difficult understand R functions and playing with the R Studio Console.

Here you are the links:

English is not my native language, but I understood the essential concepts first, and now I work with R, and now it is easy for me associate statistical scripts in R.

I hope this helps. Greetings!

The good new is that you can take a glance in edx courses, before to pay these courses.

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