Total beginner question: Why can't R find certain objects in the dataset "nycflights13"?

The objects I am looking for do exist in the dataset nycflights13, but when I wanted to check if R can find these, R responded with [1] FALSE as shown in the photo 00|292x500


You need quotes around the values you want to filter on. Without the quotes R assumes that they are objects. For instance: filter(flights, dest == "LGA" | dest == "IAH").

You can look here for a very good introduction to R:

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Just a slight gloss. To see if something is an object, use


which will return a list of all objects in the workspace.

R also knows about other objects, such as packages that have been installed and the data objects in them, such as the famous data(iris) dataset.

Otherwise, a string, such as "LAX" can be assigned to an object or given as an argument to a function.

origin <- "LAX"

and that's the long-winded explanation of @pete's advice to enclose the string in quotes when you see that message.

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