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Top Word Games by Year

Authors: Colleen Minnihan

Full Description:
My family and I love playing board games, and Word-based board games are some of our favorites. I was curious to see what others' favorite word games are and hopefully discover some new games to try out in the process.

Using the Tidy Tuesday Board Games dataset (tidytuesday/data/2022/2022-01-25 at master · rfordatascience/tidytuesday · GitHub), I created a table that shows the top games under the "Word Game" category for each year, along with stats about them (ex. rating, if it can be a two-player game, and play time).

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Gotta say, the lineup you’ve got here is solid. One game that always stands out for me, though, is double deck pinochle. I know it’s not a word game per se, but the strategy and teamwork involved are next level. It’s got that classic vibe and can get pretty intense! As for word games, Scrabble is a staple, but have you guys tried Bananagrams? It's like a speedier version of Scrabble and gets super competitive. Love hearing about everyone's faves and seeing new suggestions. Keeps the game nights fresh and exciting. Looking forward to more game recommendations and maybe even some friendly challenges.