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Authors: Richard Bamattre
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Full Description:
It's a pleasure but also a challenge to find good board games to play with my kids (7 and 3 years old).

[cue that gif of a guy throwing Catan across the room and smashing up a table]

I frequently browse Board Game Geek to find new games, but it's hard to sift through thousands of games.

So I created this table that allows me to filter by maximum age (for example getting games for ages 8 and below), number of players, time needed to play (2+ hours - no way), and other aspects like popularity and rating, theme and year published.

Table Type: interactive-HTML
Submission Type: Single Table Example
Table: reactable
Code: GitHub - bamattre/posit_table_2024: Submission for Posit Table Contest 2024
Language: R
Packages: reactable, reactablefmtr