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Top AI Companies Stock Performance

Authors: Arnav Chauhan

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I have created a table to summarize the performance of the top AI stocks as of May 2024, based on information from Stash. The table includes various metrics for each company, such as the current stock price, daily and weekly percentage changes in price, the highest and lowest prices over the past year, and volume trends. Each company's section features its logo, name, and ticker symbol. The current price of each stock is listed along with the percentage change compared to the previous day and the past week. Additionally, the table highlights the 52-week high and low prices to provide a sense of the stock's volatility and range over the past year. Graphical representations are used to illustrate the trends in stock price, weekly returns, and trading volume. This comprehensive overview aims to help investors understand the market dynamics and performance trends of these leading AI companies.

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Table: Top AI Companies Stock Performance (Posit Table Contest 2024)
Code: GitHub - arnavchauhan7/top_ai_stock_analysis: Files associated with analysis of top AI stocks (Posit Table Contest 2024)
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