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I am a new user in RStudio. I have been using Tinnr for years. There's a very useful tool that I cannot find in RStudio. In Tinnr, I can execute functions such as str ot summarize on any object in the global environment "on the fly", without having to write them in the script or the console. This is very useful and help writing only essential code in the script. The viewer in Rstudio is great and in many ways offers help that is not in tinnr but it doesn't do what I want.
Am I missing something ? I cannot find anything similar to what I want ("on the fly" execution of very generic functions, with default parameters)

Hi @Mahany,
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Check out the ability in RStudio to define code "snippets" which may provide some of the functionality that you are missing from TinnR:

However, AFAIK, there is no ability to execute say str(my_df) without typing the code.


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