To many open file descriptors

We are using Rstudio quite heavily we are trying to get more poeple on the platform.
When a fifth person is logging on an error will be thrown making it that the user can not log in..
When we look in the logs we can only see "Too many open files".
I believe we have set the number of open files on unlimited (yes unwise i know) for both the system and the users rstudio is running under. but we still face the same issue.
I hope someone ran into a similar issue ?

Might be a good addition we are conencting to hadoop clusters

Interesting! And welcome to the community! What version of RStudio are you using? And is this the pro or open source version?

One good way to figure out what is going on is to look at the output of:

sudo lsof -bT -p `pidof some-parent-process`

For some parent process. i.e. rserver, etc. Finding out where all of these file descriptors are at will be useful to isolating what the problem is.

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