tm package Combining three corpuses into one

I have three separate tm corpi (corpuses) named tdocs, ndocs, and bdocs . I would like to combine all the information into one corpus , called alldocs. What's the R code to do that?

Take a look to tm_combine() function

I was unsuccessful trying to use the tm_combine function. I tried this code

alldocs <- tm_combine(c(tdocs, ndocs,bdocs, recursive=FALSE))

message on the console was
Error in tm_combine(c(tdocs, ndocs, bdocs, recursive = FALSE)) :
could not find function "tm_combine"

I'm using R version 3.6.0
tm version .7 - 6


Sorry it is not a function it is a method for c(), following the documentation, after loading tm you should be able to do something like this:

alldocs <- c(tdocs, ndocs, bdocs, recursive=FALSE)

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