title: and output: gives the following error "Error in -title : invalid argument to unary operator"

title: "R9_MTMM"
output: html_document

When I run the code above I get the following error: "Error in -title : invalid argument to unary operator" why would I have it?

I can generate that error if I run the title line individually using CTRL + Enter. The document knits correctly when I click the knit button. From that evidence, it seems this behavior is normal. What are you trying to accomplish by executing the title line?

Actually, I could not understand why would it be used. Following this code I have

knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE)
knitr::opts_knit$set(root.dir = rprojroot::find_rstudio_root_file())

I think I only have to modify the codes above according to my directory. Because when I run the second line that is knitr::opts_knit$set(root.dir = rprojroot::find_rstudio_root_file()) I get the following error: " Error: No root directory found in C:/Users/asus/Desktop/RTEST or its parent directories. Root criterion: contains a file matching "[.]Rproj$" with contents matching "^Version: " in the first line"

I have never used the rprojroot package nor have I set the root.dir of a knitted document. The error you are getting complains that there is not a .Rproj file in the directory path. Have you made a project directory?
More generally, what are you trying to do?

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I did not create the file in my directory. So without running this code I can read the dataset and I can use the script as it is. This script is used by several people so i think it is only for sharing the result and working on the codes together. As an individual by myself I can run the codes without creating such a file.

If you can successfully run the rest of the code in the document, it is probably OK to comment out the line

knitr::opts_knit$set(root.dir = rprojroot::find_rstudio_root_file())

There should be a button labeled Knit just above the code pane in RStudio. What happens if you click that?

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