Tips on good courses for analysing Ecological tracking data, hidden markov models, spatial analysis and more

I'm looking for courses that could educate me on transforming and analysing my own ecological data through R / RStudio.

In particular I want to learn about the programming and data science, machine learning etc around

  • developing home ranges and utilization distributions
  • hidden markov models to determine states eg resting, foraging, travelling
  • looking for relationships between animal satellite data / capture-recapture and known food source biomass/area, climate and habitat data etc

Some packages I'm interested in include crawl, move, moveHMM, momentuHMM, adehabitatHR and so on.

While I am making progress through the online documentation and lots of Google searching, and time spent analysing other peoples troubleshooting on forums such as this - thought it was worthwhile asking the community if anyone knows of good courses that could help accelerate my understanding. Hopefully that way I can get some good knowledge under my belt before asking silly questions :joy:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and apologies if this forum isn't suitable for this type of question.

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