TippingPoint Analysis

I am a PhD student in University of Tasmania.
I have been trying to use your R function on tipping point on two of my variables, my treatment variable is pdrp_r1, outcome variable adrp_r2.
I was trying to run the function in R for the basic plot.

             treat= tippingdata$pdrp_r2, group.infor=TRUE,
             plot.type = "estimate",ind.values = TRUE,
             impValuesT  = NA,  impValuesC = NA,
             summary.type = "density", alpha = 0.95, S=1.5, n.grid = 100,
             HistMeanT = c(0.38,0.4), HistMeanC =  c(0.2,0.55))

I am getting this error:

Error in prop.test(c(sumYt_mis[i] + sum(Yobs * treat, na.rm = TRUE), sumYc_mis[i] +  : 
  not enough data

Can you please hint what might be going wrong?
I will appreciate your kind help. I will be obliges to express my gratitude to you specifically, in my PhD projects contribution section.
Raisul Islam