Tinytex Installation Recent Issue

When using the command "tinytex::install_tinytex()" after installing the package via RStudio, I received two errors, one of which is solved by the issues posted on GitHub. The solved issue was the User bin being unwritable on mac, which was solved by the command lines posted in several locations online, including the TinyTex website.

The second, new error is the same as the one linked below, where the TinyTex folder seems to be meant to contain a folder titled "x86_64-darwinlegacy" required for installation. This folder is referenced during the install and the error claims no such file or directory exists. This is true. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling TinyTex several times using several methods before attempting to fix it on my own. All versions of TinyTex I tried were the newest one available from GitHub.

Unanswered Issue

I found that upon "installing" the package via RStudio, TinyTex creates a folder in User/Library/Tinytex/Bin called "universal-darwin" not ""x86_64-darwinlegacy" in the TinyTex bin folder, which is why the above error occurs. When I renamed the folder to the seemingly desired name, "x86_64-darwinlegacy" the installation seemed to work, but it also created a new "universal-darwin" folder in the same location of equal size, effectively doubling the size of the TinyTex installation. I understand TinyTex is meant to be small, so doubling might be significant.

Given my inexperience, I am not sure if having two instances of the same folder with different names will effect future applications of TinyTex, so I would appreciate any input regarding if this matters or how to address it. As there are no other instances of this error and no responses anywhere explaining how to address it, I decided to make this post.

Any input would be great! I am very new to all of this so I apologize if I have formatted anything incorrectly or not provided enough information. Thank you!

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