Tint, tufte, and ggplot legends size problems

With tint and tufte, I am producing html and pdf output from the same source.
Here are the files:

The problem the legends in ggplot graphics are much too large in the pdf version.Is there a way
to automatically get reasonable sizes for both variants?

These both look like tint to me (as opposed to the Tufte handout)— but for some reason I only could see the html one for a second before OneDrive started just showing me the code behind it.

Could you attach the source document/code? (i.e. the Rmarkdown- preferably as a gist, or even inline)

I haven't used tint much, but the relevant pieces are usually in the YAML and/or code chunk parameters, so it's hard to tell from the product alone!


I assume you are referring to the legends for the map figures? Have you tried playing with the legend options in theme?