Timezone conversion with only Country-State abbreviation and City Name

Hello all,

I'm dealing with a dataset that has a timestamp in UTC, and I would like to convert it to the local time; however, the only bits of data I have to work with are the abbreviations for both Country and State, as well as the City name. I'll post an example of the dataset below. If someone has a solution for this, that'd be wonderful. I'm aware of the lubridate function for converting over, it's just the current data isn't formatted properly for that...

DateTime	Country	State	City
5/5/2020 0:00	US	NY	New York
5/5/2020 0:00	US	MN	Plymouth
5/5/2020 0:00	US	CA	Los Angelos
5/5/2020 0:00	AP	TH	Bangkok
5/5/2020 0:00	AP	JP	Tokyo
5/5/2020 0:00	EU	BE	Beerse

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