Timeout issues in Shiny and Rstudio applications

The users are facing an below issues on Shiny and R studio IDE applications.

We enabled https on these application while creating a cluster . is it because of enabled https only these applications are getting timeout issues? or any other issues?

please advice.

|Issue1|Shiny apps will time out and close down after about 30 seconds.

|Issue2|RStudio IDE: I periodically get logged out of an active session (i.e. I get returned to the login screen). This happens frequently enough to be a problem and has previously deleted unsaved work.|

Issue3:RStudio IDE: The connection also intermittently gets dropped (I get an error message that says “R-studio has lost connection to the server” or something along those lines). Aside from being annoying, this is probably symptomatic of other issues, and also causes problems if it appears as you hit backspace since this will then take you to the previous screen, which is the login screen. In this case, you could lose unsaved work.

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